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Hello, my name is Angie. As a young adult, I was confused about the uneven skin coloring across my face. I had many red patches that stayed for weeks at a time. I also had extensive acne scarring from my troubled teen years. The dermatologist helped me find a suitable treatment for those problem areas. Today, my skin looks clear and healthy. I will use this site to talk about all of the services offered by dermatology professionals. I will also talk about the benefits of each type of treatment. Thank you for visiting my site.

Tips For Recovering From Vaginal Rejuvenation

27 July 2017
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Vaginal rejuvenation, typically called vaginoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to tighten the muscles of the vagina. Woman usually opt to have vaginoplasty performed after having children, or as they age and the muscles in the vagina begin to lose their tone. Vaginal rejuvenation is considered a safe procedure, but there is a recovery period. If you are having vaginoplasty performed, use the following tips to help during your recovery: Read More …

That Time Of Your Life: Handling Skin Problems During Menopause

4 January 2017
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Menopause can be an odd and disarming time in life for a woman; suddenly, your hormones are more all over the place than they were when you were a teenager, your hair seems to be a different texture, and you can't handle extreme temperatures – but the most noticeable physical difference during menopause often occurs on your skin. Because the health of your skin largely depends on the hormones in your body, and since the balance of hormones in your body is skewed during the two to ten years that your body takes to go through menopause, your skin can undergo dramatic changes in a short period of time. Read More …