Hair Removal Methods: Why You Should Forget Shaving

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Hair Removal Methods: Why You Should Forget Shaving

18 May 2016
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Hair removal is greatly influenced by cultural norms, and here in he US, the trend continues toward removing as much body hair as possible. For some people, using a razor is still the primary method of removing their hair. However, there are advantages to using another form of hair removal.

Smooth Skin

Although shaving is a quick and inexpensive way to remove body hair, it only makes the skin stay smooth for (at most) a day. On some people, their hair can be felt again in under twelve hours. So the smoothness of your skin is quite fleeting. If you choose to wax instead, you can have days of smooth skin instead of hours. If you invest in laser removal, you can have a lifetime of smooth skin. Even your clothes will feel better when they are not being gripped by body hair.


Shaving can actually be hazardous to your health, or at least to the health of your skin. Nicks and superficial cuts are the norm when you shave. In fact, the blades can introduce bacteria into your nicks and cuts, causing a fungal or yeast infection. You have probably experienced those little irritating and unsightly bumps that can form after you shave. Shaving also tends to encourage ingrown hairs, which are also irritating and can become infected. Razors have to be sharp to effectively remove hair. As a result, it's easy to inflict a deep cut on yourself, one that can leave a scar. Waxing or laser hair removal does not cause those types of injuries. 


Shaving is a quick hair removal method, but since the results do not last long, you have to repeat the procedure often, possibly daily. Although waxing takes longer, the results can last for weeks. Laser hair removal takes multiple appointments over a span of months to get the results your want. However, research has found that women spend approximately 72 days of their lives shaving just their legs. Investing a fraction of that time in other methods gives you better results and saves you weeks of time. 

Your skin will thank you if you put down the razor and try a different hair removal method. As it is, you are spending months of your life removing hair day after day after day. Consider permanent laser hair removal treatments as an option that will be better for your skin long term.