Natural Acne Remedies

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Natural Acne Remedies

18 November 2016
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If you suffer from acne, you may feel uncomfortable about your appearance. There are multiple over-the-counter acne medications. However, you can also use home remedies to help control your acne breakouts. Here are a few of them:

Oil Washing

Since acne is also associated with oily skin, you may believe that the use of oil on your face is counterproductive to clearing your skin. However, many natural oils, such as castor oil, are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and non-comedogenic. In addition, since oil can dilute oil, using oil to cleanse your skin can help dilute and remove oily secretions that may be blocking your pores, harboring bacteria, and inciting breakouts. 

To wash your skin with oil, apply about a spoonful of oil onto your face by gently rubbing the oil onto your skin. After the oil covers your skin, rinse a washcloth in very warm to hot water and apply the cloth to your face. Allow the cloth to sit for about half a minute and then use the warm cloth to wipe the oil away. Repeatedly place the cloth onto your face and wipe the oil away with the cloth until there is no visible oil left on your face. 

As the natural oil is removed, so is the secreted oil and bacteria that may have been trapped in your pores. In addition, oil washing helps prevent your skin from becoming overly dry as it is cleansed.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is known for its cleansing properties. It helps draw impurities from the skin, including the irritants and bacteria that cause pimples to develop. 

The clay can be used as a mask. To apply it, you can mix the powdered clay with a bit of water and then apply the wet clay to your face. Once in place, the clay should be allowed to dry before it is rinsed away. 

For an even deeper cleaning session, you can mix the clay with a bit of apple cider vinegar instead of water. The acid in the vinegar helps remove dead skin cells that could block your pores. However, the vinegar could be too irritating for extremely sensitive skin, so if you feel a burning sensation after applying the mask, rinse it off and make a new mask with water instead of vinegar.

To learn more natural remedies to help prevent acne breakouts, speak with a dermatologist at a location like Associated Skin Care Specialists. If you would prefer prescription medication, the doctor may have several options available to treat your skin condition.