When Should You Visit A Dermatology Specialist To For Acne Management?

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When Should You Visit A Dermatology Specialist To For Acne Management?

28 December 2021
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Acne is typically associated with puberty, and this can be attributed to its prevalence among tweens and teens. The increased hormone production causes excessive stimulation of the oil glands in the skin. The sebum collects in the pores, trapping dirt, bacteria, and so on, blocking these pores and this results in painful pimples. Generally, a comprehensive skincare routine coupled with being mindful about not touching their faces, most people will have skin clear out as they mature from their adolescent years. But this is not everyone's reality.

Perhaps due to your genetics, you may find that you are still struggling with acne even as an adult, which can be incredibly frustrating. Nonetheless, not many people think of seeking a professional option from a dermatologist, as they assume that they are naturally predisposed to acne, but this should not be the case. So when should you visit a dermatology specialist for acne management?

The acne is not responding to OTC treatments

Whether you have recently started battling with acne in your adulthood or if this has been a disorder you have been living with for years, your first instinct is likely to purchase different over-the-counter products in an attempt to see what options will work best for your skin. But while these cosmetic treatments such as creams, astringents, lotions, and more may all promise to clear out your skin, not all of them will live up to your expectations. After experimenting with multiple different products, you may find that the acne is unresponsive to these over-the-counter products. In the worst-case scenario, you may find that the products are aggravating the acne.

Whatever the case, it is time to set an appointment with a dermatology specialist. What you may be unaware of regarding acne treatments is that they need to address the underlying cause rather than simply treat the resultant pimples. Hence, a dermatologist will determine why you are battling acne, perhaps due to bacteria, and prescribe antibiotic ointments that will kill the pathogens, which clears out your skin.

The acne is causing severe scarring

It is one thing to deal with acne pimples on your face. But when these pimples are leaving conspicuous scars on your skin, it can you may start feeling like you will never achieve smooth and radiant skin but this is not true. The first thing to bear in mind is there are several causes of acne scarring. Popping acne pimples, which is highly inadvisable, is a top cause for acne scars. However, you may also develop scarring due to genetics or severe inflammation of acne cysts.

To limit the risk of permanent scarring, it is fundamental that you see a dermatology specialist the moment you notice these acne scars. Most commonly, the dermatologist will prescribe laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels, both of which will eliminate the dead, hardened skin and allow for new skin growth.

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